Our Values

The Zhappy team is made up of people that love what they do. We understand the deep satisfaction that comes from capitalizing on your own talents and skills, and we love the freedom that comes from you deciding how you want to spend your time.

That’s why we set out to design the ultimate people’s app, one that takes the age-old idea of neighbours helping neighbours and transforms it into a mobile marketplace instantly connecting Task Posters with trusted Zhappers.

Outsourcing your daily chores is about more than convenience, although there’s no denying that aspect of things. More importantly, when you take tasks you don’t enjoy off your to-do list and give them to someone with the skills and attitude to do them right, you’re putting your tasks in good hands and freeing up your own time to live life however you want to. With Zhappy, there’s no more struggling through boring chores, assembling your three door wardrobes, or waiting around for standard service companies. Pick your Zhapper, pick your time, then sit back and unwind.

For our Zhappers, being hired for tasks isn’t just a matter of money (although extra cash for a shopping spree is always exciting) – It’s the power and independence of being your own boss, deciding the tasks you want to do, and when you want to do them. No matter how you choose to use Zhappy, it will be to your benefit.


Alexander Eloy, Founder
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