Have something that doesn’t necessarily fit above? Something that’s random and unexpected? Zhappy can handle it!

There are always small tasks that you don’t expect but need assistance with, right there, right now. Fro example, the new iPhone could be coming out but you don’t want to stand in line! A Zhapper could stand in line for you.

Is there a seminar that you want to attend but can’t make it? How about sending a Zhapper to take notes and report back to you is the perfect solution. We’ve even heard of families hiring Zhappers to chop vegetables for the week, to make meal prep easier.

All of these small things that make your life easier – Zhappy has you covered!

Zhappy makes things simple!

We all have those crazy ideas that we wish we could try out. Sending someone else to a meeting on your behalf, or maybe even sending a mystery shopper to see how a competitor’s business is doing. Top secret! These little things can be done – with Zhappy!

Have downtime? Interested in making money to help others?

Zhappy connects freelancers with people who need quick miscellaneous tasks done. This could be anything from simple chores and tasks – or something off the wall and exciting!

Maybe you’re a student with time to make cash in between classes, or perhaps you work nights and want to make some income during the day. No matter what your reason, quick tasks are a great way to make quick money as a Zhapper.


Have someone stand in line for you for the next iPhone or Air Jordan release.

Send someone to that boring seminar so they can take notes on your behalf.

Pay someone to chop up that produce – it’ll make cooking for the week much easier!

Have a business? How about sending a Zhapper to go in as a customer and check in on your competitor?

Maybe you need someone to send your resume out to 100 businesses that are hiring? A Zhapper can do that! Even better, maybe they can help make phone calls for you, too.

No matter how strange or random – a Zhapper is waiting to help you!

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