Interested in a furniture assembly service?

Take a deep breath, put down the Allen key or screwdriver, and pick up your mobile. With the Zhappy app, there’s no reason for anyone to blow out their back in while putting together an IKEA bookshelf. Take the stress out of purchasing new furniture or new equipment by turning those complicated assembly duties over to the people who know how to do them well. Furniture assembly, exercise equipment assembly, office equipment assembly, and IKEA assembly, to name a few, are available under the assembly services for hire on Zhappy. What’s even more exciting is that you set the price, so you no longer have to pay more than you want to for these essential services.

Want to cash in on your talent for assembly services?

There are few experiences shared by almost everyone across the United Kingdom, but one of them is shouting at that last screw that just won’t fit on your three-door wardrobe. So annoying, right? That is, unless you happen to be one of the lucky ones that excels at these tasks, in which case you really should be cashing in on your flat pack and IKEA assembly skills on Zhappy!

If you have assembly services available for hire, we think you’ll find those services are in demand in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield and anywhere that furniture exists, which is pretty much everywhere. Get on Zhappy and turn that assembly skill into money.

Zhappy gets it all put together

One of Zhappy’s many specialties is connecting people (Task Posters) who have items they need assembled, with trusted local Zhappers who will happily and efficiently put those items together for you, a friend, or a family member. Finding a hardworking individual to assemble your furniture is quick and easy on the app, just like it is easy for hardworking individuals to find paid work.  Why not post a task, match with a Zhapper, get your items assembled and get paid all on Zhappy?


There’s a whole host of hard working Zhappers out there just waiting to take annoying tasks off your hands, especially when it comes to furniture assembly tasks. Just a few of these services are:

Assembling flat pack furniture – got an exciting delivery, did you? Or at least, it would be exciting, if it weren’t in 90 pieces on your living room carpet. Hand the flat pack assembly duties off to someone else and rest up so you can enjoy your new purchase.

Furniture disassembly and dismantling – tempting as it may be to break up those old pieces of furniture using a hammer and chuck it in the neighbour’s bin, there’s a better way of getting rid of old furniture or furniture that needs to be moved. Avoid those scrupulous council dumping bills and have someone else do it.

IKEA assembly – if your idea of a good time at IKEA includes eating meatballs and purchasing moderately priced furniture, but stops at trying to decipher those confusing instructional diagrams, then welcome to the Hire Someone Else on Zhappy IKEA Assembly Services club. It’s grand.

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