Avoid These Mistakes When Hanging Curtains

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Even with other options available, such as blinds and shutters, curtains are still often king when it comes to window dressings. They can have excellent thermal properties, they’re good for light control, and they improve the privacy of your home. It’s possible to hang curtains yourself, which is always handy, but it’s also very easy to make some simple mistakes. Your mistakes might not cause a complete disaster, but you could end up with curtains that look like one. If you want your curtains to sit perfectly where you hang them, make sure you avoid these mistakes.

Bad Choice of Curtains

Hanging curtains correctly starts with choosing the best curtains for the purpose. Firstly, consider what you want your curtains to do. Thermal curtains will help to keep your home warm, which is useful if you need to improve insulation and save energy. Sheer and net curtains are good for light control, as well as for providing privacy without blocking out light completely. You can also think about how long you want your curtains to be, whether you want them floor-length or just to reach the window sill. And you can consider colour and style, as well as material.

Wrong Measurements

Taking measurements for curtains is where many people so often go wrong. Take the wrong measurements, and you could end up with your curtains being too long, too short or not wide enough. To measure correctly, you first need to know how long you want your curtains to be. When measuring for a curtain pole or track, it’s important to add about 30cm to 40cm to the width of your window so you can be sure your curtains will cover the window. You will also need to measure to the sill, below the sill or to the floor for the length of your curtains. Make sure you take measurements from several points because floors and other elements can be uneven.

Forgetting About Fullness

Carpets can pick up bad odours, particularly if you have pets. If you want to deodorise your carpets, you can buy products designed to do just that. Alternatively, you can also make an easy carpet deodorizer at home. All you need is some bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of essential oils.

Getting the Hardware Wrong

Remember to start with solid hardware if you want your curtains to hang nicely. There might be an existing pole or track, but it’s worth checking to see if it’s still up to your standards. When you measure for a new one, make sure you get the width right or it could end up too short for your curtains to cover your window. You need to hang the pole or track in the right place too, avoiding putting it straight above the window. You should leave around 15cm between the window and the pole or track.

Of course, if this all seems too hard, you can get someone else to do the job. Hanging curtains can be a hassle, but with the Zhappy app, you can find the perfect person to do it for you. In only a few minutes, you can post a task and start looking for a local, trustworthy person to hang your curtains at an affordable price.

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