Car Cleaning Tips To Keep For Life

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Your car could be anything from your precious baby to just a way to get you and your family around. No matter how much it means to you, you need to keep it clean. A clean car not only looks good but should run better and have fewer problems too. Getting rid of the dirt from all the nooks and crannies, both inside and out, should be something you do regularly. It’s a job most people have done at least once, but how can you be sure you’re doing it right? These car cleaning tips will keep your vehicle looking pristine and ensure it’s in peak physical condition too

Have the Best Tools

Like many things in life, getting your car clean is all about the kit you use. Some of the rules of car cleaning supplies are easy – you’re not going to clean the body of your car with wire wool or spray bleach on your seats. Choosing the best tools for the job isn’t always easy, though. There are lots of items you can have in your cleaning kit, including microfibre cloths, polish, and an in-car vacuum cleaner. One of the easiest ways to get everything you need is to buy a complete car washing kit, which should contain what you need to get started.

Clean Your Car Regularly

How often should you wash your car? It’s a question that doesn’t have a definitive answer because everyone uses their car for different things and in varying amounts. You know not to let it get so bad that people write “wash me” in the dust, but should you clean it before then? There are a few factors you can consider to decide whether you should clean your car more regularly:

  • Your location and where you drive – do you live in the country or go camping in your spare time?
  • How often you drive and how far – if you use your car more, you will need to clean it more.
  • Season and weather – you might need to wash your car more when there’s grit and snow or heavy rain.
  • Storage – where do you keep your car? It’s more exposed on your drive than it is in a garage.

Dry As Well As You Wash

If you want to approach car cleaning right, you need to think about the drying as much as the washing. Leaving anything wet could lead to problems later on, especially if you do it repeatedly. Instead of driving your car to dry it off, using a blow dryer helps to keep it healthy and remove water from hard to reach places.

Get a Professional Finish

If you’re careful about cleaning your car, you can give it a professional finish. However, if you don’t have time to do it yourself, it’s easy to have someone else do it for you. Of course, you can go through the carwash, but that won’t clean the inside of your car (you’ll need a valeting service for that) – plus, you need to take your car for a drive. A better solution is to get someone to come to you, and do all the hard work for you.

Download the Zhappy app – available on Android and iOS – and you can find someone to carry out a professional job on your car. You won’t need to lift a finger. Well, maybe one finger.

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