Interested in hiring caring and coaching?

With a household to run, meals to cook, kids to look after, elderly parents to care for, and, oh yeah, a career and life to keep afloat, who isn’t looking to hire someone who can provide some extra help?

Whether your home is in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff or you’re a proud inhabitant of Cat’s Ash, chances are you could use a trusted Zhapper to assist you with some specialized services.

On Zhappy, you’ll find hardworking and trustworthy individuals experienced in various services ranging from childcare and private tutoring to piano lessons, singing lessons, and dog walking. You can find a personal trainer, life coach, math tutor, or even someone to help you learn a new language. Quite frankly, you can find any kind of help you need to for those extra services you were going to get yourself round to doing…eventually.

Are your caring and coaching services for hire?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re helping others to achieve their goals? In your very own neighbourhood or afar, there are likely friendly people in need of help from you. If you can provide it, we would love for you to get involved, not forgetting that you do get paid.

Use your talents for pet care, English language, coaching the next Jimi Hendrix, babysitting, or helping with health and nutrition to name a few. You can assist in bringing happiness to local households while boosting your bank account. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-time job to pick up a little extra cash for a special occasion or you’re looking for a steady gig – you’ve come to the right place.

Zhappy gets you connected

If you’re interested in getting hired as a coach, Zhappy is where you will love to be. With just a few simple taps, you’ll see all the opportunities in your area; all the trusted Zhappers available to take on your tasks, or all the tasks you can apply for that match your interests and skills. You can get in contact with other users instantly, exchanging necessary information with the Task Poster, setting a budget that you, the Zhapper, can work with. When all is said and done and task are completed, payment is made to the Zhapper and there we have it! Happy Task Posters and Zhappers that are satisfied every time.


The range of helpful, caring and coaching services you can find on Zhappy is almost as impressive as our Zhappers themselves. Just a handful of the caring and coaching services you can hire help for are:

Personal training – sometimes you just need a bit of experienced help to whip you into tip-top-shape. With Zhappy, you’ll find the personal trainer that’s just right for you.

Dog walking – it would be nice if we all had unlimited time for walking with our fluffy four-legged friends, but that isn’t the reality for many of us. Dog walkers are ready to be at you and your pet’s service when you just can’t be there yourself.

Pet care – you can ensure your dog, cat, exotic bird, potbellied pig, or any other beloved pet is well looked after with our host of pet care professionals, including dog sitters.

Life coaching – get a little assistance achieving personal or professional success, or setting and attaining goals, with experienced and motivating life coaches found only in the Zhappy app.

Math tutoring – math isn’t everyone’s favourite subject…except for the math tutors that you can find on Zhappy. Stop scrabbling your brain to figure out the Pythagorean theorem for your child’s homework. It takes little effort and brain power to find yourself a fully skilled, and equipped math tutor to equate your child’s triangular needs. Perhaps it may even be you that needs tutoring to round up on that degree you’re closing in on! No matter the situation, Zhappy has a mathematician for you.

English tutoring – English lessons are the most popular private tutoring services available on Zhappy. We think it’s because the quality of our English tutors is so high. See for yourself!

Singing lessons – whether you’re just getting started or you’re preparing for a performance at the Royal National Theatre, you’ll find the instruction and guidance you need from our selection of vocalists.

Instrument lessons– if you’ve desired to learn to play the guitar, piano, or any other instrument, find an excellent coach on Zhappy and minimize how long you spend annoying the other members of your household.

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