1. It starts with Zhapper Mode

Select Zhapper mode and click on the filter icon at the top right corner. You can then select task categories that interest you and match with your skills. Check out your opportunities!


1. Edit your profile: Say cheese

It is nice for our Task Posters to know who they are hiring. By uploading a friendly and clear photo of yourself, you will see considerably more Task Posters hiring you than without. Adding a short profile video of yourself will make your profile stand out and let you start to feel the Zhappy vibe as a frequently hired Zhapper.

2. Select a task and apply

When a task catches your eye, click Apply to send your application to the Task Poster. Be sure to apply widely for the best chance of success.

2. Get verified

In order for Zhappy to be the trusted marketplace that it is, our users need to know who they’re hiring. You should verify your profile by linking to as many social media accounts as possible. Also, verifying your mobile number takes no more than 20 seconds, but pays off when working on Zhappy for years!

3. Hammer out the details

If you get selected – congratulations! Hop into the real-time chat to work out the details and exchange all necessary information.

3. Tell us a bit about yourself

Don’t be shy! Let your prospective Task Posters know who they are hiring by filling out your profile “As A Zhapper”. Start by describing your Zhapper profile, adding your skills, and selecting the task categories you are interested in so Task Posters are able to invite you for tasks directly.

4. Get to work

It’s time to tick that task off your to-do list. Show up at the agreed time and get the job done!

4. Check that your profile looks good

If you were sending your CV to a potential employer, you’d make sure that it was professional and included all your key skills. Your Zhappy works the same way, so make sure it’s as appealing as possible.

5. Receive Payment and submit a review

When the task is completed, the Task Poster is requested to pay by the chosen payment method. Complete the task to the best of your ability so the Task Poster leaves you a great review that helps get you more hires. You can rate the Task Poster in return.

5. Make the first move

Apply to all the tasks you’re interested in – don’t wait for Task Posters to invite you!

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