Simple Steps to Easier Garden Maintenance

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A blooming good garden helps your home look fantastic, and it’s a great family space too. From large lawns to fussy flowerbeds, you can do whatever you want with your garden that makes you happy. If you’re also a keen gardener, or you just love playing with the lawnmower now and then, taking care of your garden can be just as fun as looking at and spending time in it.

However, not everyone wants to spend their hard-earned free time weeding or pruning. You just want to enjoy your garden, without having to worry about it. If gardening isn’t your thing, there are ways to avoid doing too much of it.

Design a Low-maintenance Garden

Not all gardens need to be overflowing with an abundance of flowers. When you’re not very green-fingered, a low-maintenance garden is usually best. If you design your garden in just the right way, you won’t have to do much of anything to keep it looking good. For a garden that doesn’t need much care, try these tips:

  • Focus on a lawn, instead of planting lots of flowers and plants
  • Use paving and gravel for a surface that doesn’t need to be mown
  • Consider artificial turf – it makes a family-friendly surface that doesn’t need much maintenance
  • Use preventative solutions like weed killers to avoid the fiddly jobs

What’s the Minimum You Need to Do?

Working out the minimum amount you can get away with doing makes your garden maintenance more manageable. There’s a difference between a presentable garden and a beautiful garden, and not everyone wants their garden to be beautiful. When you think about the minimum you need to do to look after your garden, consider your personal standards. Letting the grass grow a little longer isn’t going to completely ruin your garden. There’s no need to get on your hands and knees to scrub your patio until it shines.

Create a Garden Maintenance Schedule

Once you’ve thought about what you need to do to maintain your garden, you could create a schedule so you know what to do and when. Don’t worry if that sounds like too much – it’s a schedule you can stretch over the year, not just a week! There are a few times of year when you might want to spend a day or two catching up with your gardening jobs, like the beginning of spring or the end of autumn. You might only need to get out in the garden every few months if you plan your garden to be low-maintenance.

Get Someone Else to Do the Job

If gardening really isn’t for you, who says you have to do it at all? You can easily avoid it by getting someone else to do it for you. It’s easy to find local services to help you out, whether you need someone to come every week or just once or twice a year.

Use the Zhappy app to find the perfect landscaper or gardener to take care of your garden maintenance. Once you’ve downloaded the iOS or Android app, it takes hardly any time at all to post a task and start choosing between experienced and enthusiastic gardeners in your area.

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