In search of event planners?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your next event were the talk of the town (and for a good reason instead of Uncle Larry’s latest embarrassing antics)? On Zhappy, you can find all the event services you need to plan and throw a truly spectacular party. Zhappy has everything, including wedding planning, party planning, catering, bartending and waiting staff, entertainment, and clean up services. Basically, everything you need to ensure that you get to enjoy the champagne tower at your next event.

Want to document a special event with a professional photographer?

Memories are wonderful and important, but there’s a reason a picture is said to be worth a thousand words. There is no better way to capture a special event or an amazing time in your life than with the work of a professional photographer. From documenting your sexy confidence with boudoir photography, capturing the first day of the rest of your life with wedding photography, to immortalizing the sweetest moments with baby photography, professional photographers on Zhappy do beautiful work for your set price.

Love parties so much you have event services for hire?

As a professional event worker, you know working at a party isn’t all fun and games. Do you know what is tremendously enjoyable? Working as much as you want, doing what you love, and getting paid without delay when the job is done. All over the United Kingdom, there are people looking to hire staff for planning and organising parties and events. From coordinating major occasions – weddings, anniversary parties, and even corporate events, to helping with smaller events and last minute parties, Zhappy can help you find your next big event production to complete.

Are you a professional photographer?

Just imagine this: easy access to new clients who want to pay you for your professional photography services. Whether you specialize in event, family, commercial, boudoir, baby, wedding, or any other type of professional photography, you’ll find a host of potential clients in our Zhappy community.

Zhappy let the good times roll

Instantly connect to various party planners and event services near you with Zhappy.  From Sheffield, to London, to Bristol and Manchester, anywhere in the UK, you will be sure to find someone for you. Don’t forget about Zhappy’s pool of talented professional photographers just waiting to capture your special moments!


With all the event organisers, wedding planners, and professional photographers on Zhappy, you can ensure that your next event is a blast and that you’ll look amazing in the photos. The event and photography services available for hire include:

Wedding planning – it’s one of the biggest days of your life, so you should consider a trusted wedding planner with a host of reviews that are all at your fingertips.

Event planning – whether your next event is a huge house music festival, a baby shower, or a small gathering, Zhappy event organisers and party planning professionals will be sure to make it everything you could dream of.

Boudoir photography – you know you look wonderful, so why not document it for decades to come? Make it a surprise for your partner or a treat for yourself.

Newborn photography – every single second with your little one is precious, and there is no better way to cherish these moments for the rest of your life than photographs. These pictures will last long after those little ones aren’t little anymore.

Portrait photography – showcase your best side with the help of an experienced, professional photographer.

Family photo shoot – capture your family at their best with everything from a formal photo shoot on a holiday to a candid session at the park or beach.

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