Looking to hire gardening services?

If you’ve ever found yourself staring out at your beautiful roses, thinking if you get one more thorn in your hand you’re going to rip your rose bush to shreds, or you’re tired of buying fruits at the local supermarket and want to grow your own, but just don’t know how., it’s probably time you think about outsourcing all your gardening needs.

Zhappers can help with gardening services in the UK, no matter how big or small. From a hedge cutter, to someone who handles lawn care, garden maintenance, full garden design, and even fence painting, turn these tasks over to the trusted local gardeners waiting to get connected on Zhappy, so you can spend your time doing the things you truly enjoy.

Have a talent for gardening you’d like to share with your neighbours?

Not everyone’s idea of a good time is spending a day in the sun or cold pulling weeds, pruning leaves, and performing general garden maintenance – if that’s your idea of a good time, you can very easily turn that passion into cash. Your neighbours and other people who live nearby are looking for local gardeners they can rely on to keep their yards and gardens beautiful and healthy, and they’re looking to pay for the privilege of not doing it themselves.

So, whether you’re looking to take on basic tasks like lawn care or planting an apple tree or you’ve got a real eye for garden design, why not put your fingers to action by using the Zhappy app?

Zhappy makes it happen

The Zhappy app brings together people wanting to hire gardening services in cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and everywhere in between, with hardworking local gardeners that can get started right away. It’s a match made in heaven, even better than your best date on your dating app. All it takes is a few steps: post your task, hire a Zhapper, get your task completed, and pay for services received or get paid for services rendered. The Zhappy app will help make the garden space a more beautiful place.


You can find help for virtually any aspect of your gardening or lawn care on Zhappy. Just some of the services you can hire trusted local help for include:

Garden maintenance – if you’ve got a lovely garden, you’d probably like to keep it that way, and our garden maintenance workers can certainly help. Likewise, if you’ve got a lovely garden that needs tearing apart, you can probably also find someone willing to do this for you. Zhappy is a magical place like that.

Garden design – landscaping and garden design can go a long way to beautifying a home and property, especially when you enlist the help of a trusted Zhapper with glowing reviews from other Zhappy users.

Lawn care – if spending a sunny Sunday afternoon pushing a mower across your lawn doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, why not hire a lawn care helper on Zhappy and spend your time doing literally anything else?

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