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Hiring a cleaner is something that some people can approach with apprehension and maybe a slight feeling of guilt. You feel like you should be the one to clean your home and that hiring someone else to do it is like something from Downton Abbey. Fortunately, it’s much more common for people of all backgrounds to hire a cleaner today, so you don’t have to feel strange about it. You lead a busy life with all kinds of responsibilities, and sometimes you can’t waste time cleaning. By hiring a cleaner, you’re helping someone else with their livelihood, so it benefits both of you. Now that you know there’s nothing to feel guilty about, how on Earth do you go about getting a cleaner?

What Can a Cleaner Do for You?

It’s important to understand what a cleaner can and can’t do for you before you go ahead and hire one. So what can they do? A cleaner could make a huge difference to your life, but they’re not going to mean your home will magically never be messy again. A cleaner can help you stay on top of your home maintenance, cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, and other key areas of your home. Whether you need a hand with the hoovering or someone to deep clean the kitchen, a cleaner can take care of things you don’t have time for – and probably do a better job than you! But you’ll still need to generally keep your home tidy.

How Often Should a Cleaner Come Around?

Not everyone is sure how often they should have a cleaner come to their home. It’s hard to measure how many hours you spend cleaning your own home. Besides, you’re not a professional, who can probably clean much faster than you. How often your housekeeper should come around can depend on a few factors. If you’ve got kids or pets or you’re generally not a very neat person, you might want them to come more frequently. Start with fewer visits and see how it goes.

What Do You Need to Provide?

One question you might have is what supplies you need to have on hand when you hire a cleaner. There’s no one answer that applies to all cleaning services, so you’ll need to check with your cleaner. Some will bring everything with them, from cleaning solutions to large equipment. Some might bring things like bleach and sponges but expect you to provide a vacuum cleaner and other larger items. Others will expect you to give them everything they need, so make sure you’re prepared.

How Can You Pick a Trustworthy Cleaner?

Letting someone you don’t know into your home is always tricky, especially if they will be there when you’re not. Choosing a trustworthy cleaner is imperative, so there are a few things you can check to make sure you’re hiring the right person. You might want to look at things like business registration or criminal records checks. If you use the Zhappy app to hire a cleaner, ensuring they are trustworthy is easy with the help of transparent profiles, verifications, and public reviews. Tasks are insured too, to give you peace of mind.

A cleaner could really help you out if you want to reclaim some of your time. Finding the right person doesn’t have to be difficult when you use Zhappy.

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