Sure Signs You Need an IKEA Assembly Service

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Flat pack furniture is a staple of the modern British home. It’s cheap, convenient and, despite what some people think, usually sturdy and can last for years. The magical land of IKEA has become the go-to place for flat pack furniture, as well as Swedish meatballs and various other Nordic treats. Once you’ve wound your way through the showrooms and packed your chosen furniture into the boot of your car (or had it delivered), you come to the task of putting it together. It’s designed to be possible for anyone to do, but that doesn’t mean anyone will. Fortunately, someone else can do it for you if you notice one of these signs that you need an IKEA assembly service.

Your Flat Pack Furniture Is Still Flat Weeks Later

You get your new furniture into your home, boxed up and ready for you to put it together. And you tell yourself you’ll put it together tomorrow, or at the weekend, or whenever you have time. But three weeks later, it’s still firmly in its box. If you keep putting it off or can’t find the time, get a professional in to sort it out.

You Can’t Make Head Nor Tail of the “Simple” Instructions

IKEA designs its assembly instructions to be easily understandable. However, not everyone has a head for the diagrams and wording they use. Not to worry – you’re good at plenty of other things! There’s sure to be someone out there who can read the instructions with ease and will get your furniture put together in no time.

You Struggle with the Physical Task

Putting furniture together can be physically taxing. You normally need to get down on the floor, sometimes lift some heavy pieces, and perhaps hammer or screw some fixings in. You might not feel that it’s a task you’re capable of completing. Don’t hurt yourself attempting it when you can use an IKEA assembly service instead.

Previous Attempts Have Been…Interesting

Most people have attempted to put some flat pack furniture together at some point, or helped someone else to do it. If you’ve tried it before, your attempts might not have been entirely successful. Whether you got extremely frustrated or ended up with some pieces mysteriously left over, it might not be worth risking a repeat.

You Don’t Want the Stress

For some people, putting furniture together is easy, fun, and even relaxing. However, if it’s not something you’re naturally adept at, it could be another story altogether. There’s something about furniture assembly that can make some people want to pull their hair out. You don’t need all that stress! Use an IKEA assembly service and you won’t have to deal with the hassle.


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