In need of IT support?

You might think the worst part of having a computer, tablet, or mobile that doesn’t work is having a computer, tablet, or mobile that doesn’t work…but it isn’t. It’s taking your device to a repair shop and waiting, days, weeks, or even months for it to be fixed! It’s also the long queues on the phone talking to customer service helplines or the breakdown that happens on your device after you’ve just had it repaired. Wouldn’t it be more convenient and stress-free to know exactly who’s going to fix your device, how long it will take, and set your own price?

Yes, we thought so. That’s why we have such a wealth of computer and technological repair experts on Zhappy. These trusted and hardworking folks offer all types of PC repair services and IT support. Zhappy makes it easy for you to know exactly who is working on your computer or device, since you get to choose your worker, as well as when your device will be fixed. If you choose a local worker, you can even arrange to be present while the repairs are ongoing, all for a price you pick with easy instant payment.

Have computer repair services to offer?

If you’re excellent at fixing hardware or software problems and you’re also skilled at helping people out instantly as opposed to, say, three weeks later, you’ll find that you can rack up some pretty impressive earnings on Zhappy. Regardless of what kind of IT services you specialize in, you can be sure someone can always use your help.

All you have to do is take a look at the IT service tasks available in your area, offer to help, agree on the particulars, and get working. Payment will then be made to you via your pre-arranged payment method. It’s all about putting your skills to use at your convenience.

Zhappy makes it easy

Zhappy is built to instantly connect Task Posters with the trusted local people who are ready to get to work. The communication and negotiations happen up-front, so everyone knows the task scope, schedule, and payment, and once the job is done payment can be completed with a couple quick taps. Regardless of if you’re in a major City Centre like London, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Bradford, or you’re in a small town located on the outskirts of the UK, Zhappy will get you connected.


Zhappy is filled with savvy IT workers, just waiting to be of service to you and your malfunctioning devices. You can find help for anything to do with computers or other digital devices, including:

IT Support – rest assured that you can find help for anything you could possibly need in relation to your devices. Whether you’ve got malware, an incorrect install, iOS issues, or if you’ve accidentally deleted a file, Zhappers are here to get your device back in fine working order.

Computer & Laptop repair – get your computer back in action with trusted PC repair. Whether you’ve got a top of the line gaming machine, a flashy Mac, or any other device, you’ll find just the right computer repair services on Zhappy.

Technical support – whenever there is a technical issue, just zhap it out! We’ve got plenty of experts on our platform. Technical support on Zhappy is just one part of many designed to make you happy.

Hardware setup – got a new toy and can’t wait to get it running – but want to make sure you’ve got everything set up perfectly? Zhappy’s hardware setup specialists will get you and your device off on the right foot. These experts are also available for business and commercial setups.

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