In need of a handyman for hire ?

Not everyone is Mr or Mrs Fix-It. Still, don’t you just hate wasting your day because the plumber, carpenter, or locksmith decides its most convenient for them to arrive anytime between 8:00am and 5:00pm. Don’t forget how the price always ends up changing (increasing) once they’ve completed the job!

Zhappy is the new, trendy, and accessible way to get those handyman tasks completed at a locked rate. It’s super easy; all you’ve got to do is set a budget, choose a preferable time, and submit your task posting. Both commercial and home repair services are available in major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as in smaller cities. Zhappers are everywhere – one might even be your neighbour! No more standing drenched in the rain, Googling “locksmith near me” after you lose your key on that school run, or paying extortionate prices for that emergency plumber on the Saturday morning when the house decides to flood. With Zhappy, you’ll find trusted, local handymen to be there when you need them and at the most reasonable price.

Want to cash in on your handyman services?

If you’ve got a flair for fixing, then you’ve got a wealth of opportunity literally at your fingertips. Whether you’re skilled in electrics, plumbing, wall painting, or you’re great at any kind of repair and renovations work, there are people (Task Posters) looking for you on the Zhappy app. Be your own boss, decide your schedule, and start earning today.

Zhappy gets it sorted

Zhappy is designed to connect people looking for a handyman with people offering handyman services. With the terms of a task agreed upon, including the budget and working hours, Zhappy is a unique platform for getting the job done. Task Posters get great work done by trusted Zhappers at their set price, and Zhappers get to do what they’re good at on their own terms. It’s a win-win situation, or as we like to call it, business as usual with Zhappy.


Zhappy wants to make sure you get the task done, and with just a few taps in our app you can quickly find local help from all kinds of handyman professionals, like:

General Handyman – if your to-do list for those home repairs never seems to end, give yourself the gift of getting it all crossed off at once with the help of a general handyman.

Builder – a builder that will show up on time and complete your work on schedule may seem like a rarity, Zhappy is the place that you can find such scarcity with ease.

Minor plumbing – there is nothing worse than not knowing where to find a good, reasonably priced emergency plumber when the kitchen pipe suddenly bursts. With the Zhappy app, that plumber is just one click away. This is because you decide how much you want to pay and when you want the work done.

A few more services you can find help for with Zhappy are:

TV Mounting – get the telly up on the wall exactly where you want it, before your mates come over for the next big match, or perhaps an explosive Christmas special of EastEnders.

Lighting – lighten up already, will you? Lighting professionals on Zhappy will save you a lot of time with their specialized services.

Wall Painting – nothing freshens up an interior like a new coat of paint on the walls, especially if you aren’t the one who has to apply it!

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