Need help moving house?

You can take the stress out of moving by hiring trusted local help. Whether you simply want to hire a van, would prefer a little extra help from a man with a van, or want to check out local companies for house removals, take to Zhappy where you’ll find plenty of excellent options to choose from.

How about moving services?

There are friendly folks all over the UK looking to hire removal companies or a van to make the process of moving house easier. Are you the neighbourly type who thrives on being helpful in these situations and making a nice chunk of spare change in the process? Well then, you’ve just found your place at Zhappy.


House removals – there is literally one good part of moving, and that’s when you’re finally done with it. Get to that part faster with trusted local moving help.

Man with a van – sometimes you just need a bit of help and somebody with a big ride. Hire a van, and a Zhapper to go with it, and you’re in business.

Moving doesn’t only have to be between houses – you may be moving offices and need help moving all those computers, or it could even be for your last-minute event. Zhappy can help connect you to a reliable mover for any situation.

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