Hiring for online freelance jobs?

With a massive stable of talented online freelancers at your fingertips, Zhappy is the obvious choice when it comes to hiring for your next project, and the one after that. Our hardworking Zhappers offer copywriting services, proofreading, web design, graphic design, app design and development, software development, video editing, and more.

Not only will you get to choose the workers you like, whose work samples impress you, but there will be total transparency when it comes to what you’re paying for, and those payments can be made with ease through the app. Convenience is a beautiful thing, as you’ll discover with the Zhappy app.

Searching for online freelance jobs?

Allow Zhappy to make that search easy. Zhappy is designed to instantly get you in touch with people looking to hire freelance services, like the ones you provide. All you have to do is submit an application for the posted tasks you’re interested in, and if the Task Poster likes the quality of your profile, your application will be accepted. Just like that, you’ll be on your way to freelance success (the kind where you quickly and easily get paid after a job that will be assuredly well done).

Whether you’re a digital artist, copywriter, web designer or web developer, software developer, data scientist, SEO professional, or any other type of online expert, you’ll find a host of potential clients on Zhappy.

It’s a local world with Zhappy

Zhappy may be known for connecting Task Posters with local Zhappers that do the work, but in this wonderful age of the internet, aren’t we all local? Zhappy’s online tasks category gives every user the opportunity to connect with people all over the United Kingdom in the name of online freelance services. With Zhappy’s community of reputable Task Posters and reliable, trusted workers, innumerable partnerships and collaborations are taking place each day and strangers from the furthest corners of the UK are turning into neighbours helping neighbours. It’s a beautiful thing.


Zhappy makes it easy for you to hire excellent freelance workers from right here in the United Kingdom. A few of the online categories in which you’ll find top-notch workers include:

Web design – the front-end of your website must be just right, and that’s exactly how Zhappy’s web design experts will make it.

Graphic design – make your digital world a more beautiful place, with the talented graphic designers just waiting to apply for your task.

Digital arts – a new logo for your business? A bit of branding for your website? A one of a kind piece of digital artwork to give as the perfect gift? Choose from the talented digital artists on Zhappy to bring your custom creation to life.

Video editing – up your chances of making a good digital impression or even going viral with the help of experienced video editors.

Search web – whether your website needs a Google rankings boost from search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, including pay per click campaigns or social media engagement, Zhappy will help you easily find the experts you need.

Proofreading – copywriting, proofreading, translation and more – if you need it, our wordsmiths can provide it for you.

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