The Springtime Guide to Seeding a Lawn

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A beautiful, green lawn is the highlight of a smart garden. For a lovely lawn, you could lay down some turf, but it can get expensive. An alternative option is to sow your lawn yourself, and grow it from scratch. Spring is an ideal time to start growing a new lawn, so why not think about sowing some grass seed in the next few weeks? Seeding a lawn isn’t as difficult as you might assume.

Choose the Right Seed

Growing a good lawn starts with choosing the right seed. You need a seed mixture that will work for your soil, the positioning of your lawn and for the climate. Before you buy any grass seed, think about whether your lawn will be in the shade and how much water it will get. Grass seed mixes combine several different types of grass, which helps it to grow healthily and give your lawn a lush appearance.

Prepare Your Soil

Before you start sowing your grass seed, you need to get your soil ready. Start by getting rid of any old grass or other debris, such as weeds. Use a fork to run over the soil where you want to plant your lawn, then use a rake to make it all level. You can then walk over the soil to help make it firmer, then rake over it again. It’s a good idea to use a granular fertiliser a couple of days before you’re ready to sow your seed to help the grass grow bigger and stronger.

Distributing Your Seed

When it’s time to sow your grass seed, you need to distribute it evenly. Otherwise, you could end up with a patchy lawn where some bits are greener than others. Seeding a lawn isn’t too difficult, but you do need take your time to get an even distribution. It’s helpful to split your area up into smaller square-metre sections. You can use canes to mark them out then distribute the seeds in each square one at a time. About 50g of seed for each square should be enough to grow your luscious lawn.

Caring for Your Growing Lawn

Once your seeds have been sown, it’s time to take care of your growing lawn. Start by putting netting over your new seed to protect it from birds, so it doesn’t get eaten. Make sure your seeds and seedlings get lots of water. This might not be much of a problem if you’re getting a lot of spring rain, but watch out for when you’re experiencing a few dry days. Get rid of weeds by pulling them up by hand, so you can protect your growing grass.

Overseeding an Existing Lawn

As well as seeding a lawn from scratch, you might want to refresh an existing lawn. This is called overseeding. Mix your seed with a light soil or compost and sand, which will make it easier to distribute to the correct areas. Moisten your mixture and spread it evenly where you need it. You can also use a lawn feed to encourage it to grow.

Anyone can create a new lawn, but you might not want to spare the time. If you’re short on time, it’s easy to get someone else to do it for you. Look for your perfect gardening guru from a pool of talented local Zhappers using the Zhappy app.

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