What Can a Man with a Van Do for You?

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There are all sorts of odd jobs you can find yourself needing to complete, and you’re not always in the best position to do them. You might not have the time or resources to complete your to-do list, or maybe you just can’t be bothered. The problem is, if you’re not going to do these tasks, who is? The answer could lie in a man with a van – or maybe a woman with a van. These services have been around for a long time, but you might not know quite what they could do for you. They can actually take care of a range of tasks and errands whenever you need to get something, and even yourself, from A to B. So what could a man with a van do for you?

Help You Move Home

Sometimes, moving home requires a huge moving van, with room for your furniture and space to spare. But on other occasions, you don’t need anything so heavy duty for your move. Perhaps you’re a student (or your child is) and you need to move more than a car full of stuff, but not as much as a moving truck full. You could be moving from one furnished property to another, so you only have a few of your personal things to take with you. Even if you have a couple of pieces of furniture or a larger item like a bicycle, a man with a van could help you out.

Help You Move Your Boat or Vehicle

Some people who use their van as their business have more than just a van. Some of them also have trailers and even small cranes, and they are often willing to hitch a car to their van too. So if you have a vehicle or even a boat you need to move, a man with a van might be able to do it for you. Smaller vehicles, like motorbikes or quadbikes, might even be able to go in the back of their van.

Courier Packages and Other Items

The art of letter writing might have died out, but we have yet to figure out how to email a physical object. There are still times when we need to get something from one place to another, and sometimes we want it to happen as quickly as possible. Existing ways to send items, including Royal Mail and various delivery and courier services aren’t necessarily what you’re looking for. When you want a fast delivery and perhaps a little extra care and attention, getting someone to personally pick it up for you could be what you need.

Transporting Pets

If you need to get your pet somewhere, you might be able to find someone with a van who can help you out. However, if your pet needs a taxi, remember that there are some things you need to look for. If your pet is going more than 65km, the business needs to be certified by Defra in England, the National Assembly in Wales, Scottish Ministers in Scotland, or DARDNI in Northern Ireland. They need special authorisation for journeys over eight hours, and they might need to be licensed as a private hire service if they allow you to come along. And, of course, they need to provide a comfortable ride for your beloved pet.


A man with a van could do more for you than you first think. If you need to move anything, they could come to your rescue. You could find just the person (and van) for you using the Zhappy app, with just a few taps to post your task.

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